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December 2 2012


Dropping into a viper pit in Panama’s Camino Reale...negotiating a piranha-infested river...battling extreme conditions in frozen Siberia...eating sheep’s eyeballs...

It’s all in a day’s work for Bear Grylls, whose gripping tales of survival have become a television phenomenon. Prime-time TV adventure series Man Vs. Wild is one of the most watched shows on the planet, reaching viewers in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Following sell-out shows in Australia and the UK, the hero of Man Vs. Wild appears live on stage for an evening of wild discovery and dangerous entertainment. Join Bear Grylls as he shares his experiences of survival in some of the world’s toughest environments.

time with the SAS, the French Foreign Legion, Everest and many more of Bear’s hair-raising adventures. Learn about the intrepid crew behind Man Vs. Wild, and the mind-boggling logistics which go into every expedition. See breathtaking footage of some of the world’s most remote and hostile locations and find out what it is like to be parachuted in there - from the man who did it, and survived!

If you have ever dreamt of high-adventure and want to know what it takes to achieve your dreams, then come and hear first hand from the man who embodies survival, the wild, and of course eating the impossible! The show contains on-stage action, fire, bug-eating and much warned!

During the 2-hour live show, Bear will share his experiences of survival in some of the world’s toughest jungles, mountains and deserts. Audiences will also see footage and hear stories from his

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